People of Strike Aviation: Frank Ziesemer, President of Strike Aviation Group

Frank Ziesemer says that the logistics business runs in his family for generations, so the field of air transport felt familiar to him. Frank recalls that the beginning of Strike was challenging, but he and his fellow partners never backed down. Eventually, their hard work paid off – within five years the company became no. 1 in Switzerland and started to expand in Europe. Speaking about the present, Frank points out that the upcoming Miami Air Cargo Forum 2022 will be a great opportunity for Strike Aviation to open a new chapter and represent the company in the new continents. 🗺️ 
When it comes to a successful business, Frank thinks that Strike’s biggest asset is honesty: “being honest and fully transparent with our airline customers and partners is our top priority. It also helps to gain confidence from the market”. Frank also highlights the importance of human capital within the company and the ability to meet the highest industry standards in terms of technology and innovation. 


Strike Aviation @ World Cargo Summit 2023

After two years of highly successful virtual events, the World Cargo Summit will go live. The three-day conference will be held at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island from January

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